Heading To Disney


Two times in a year. That’s even a lot for me. I’m not one of those ‘wear Mickey ears’ and carry a Princess backpack but I do like my theme parks. And when someone invites, I accept. Last November, my parents asked Ryan, Sage and me to join them at Disney World; that was just after Ryan’s parents told us to save the last week in September 2011 for them to take us, you guessed it, to Disney World. Who am I to deny them time with Sage? Plus, it beats visiting Boston again.

Ryan was a bit miffed that his folks wouldn’t be the first to intro Sage to Disney World but what can you do? He definitely put the kibosh on a day at Disneyland this summer when I went to visit my parents in San Diego. “At least let her feel like the trip in September is special.” We didn’t go. We did get a tour of Disney Studios thank to my college sorority big sister who’s an exec there but Ryan seemed to be cool with that.

I don’t exactly know what the draw is. A childhood thing? I remember the notes I’d hand to my teachers- “Please excuse Jill from school. Today is her birthday.” Then they’d pick me up and off we went to Disneyland; just me and my mom and dad. It was one of the rare days that I had them all to myself for 12 hours. In my senior year of high school, my friends and I ditched and spent a rainy afternoon at the Park. We had the place to ourselves; so much so that we could hop off those conveyor-belt seats at the Haunted Mansion and run around the graveyard. On the Peoplemover, I stepped out of the car and nearly plummeted off the narrow track but my friends rescued me in the nick of time.

My visits to the Happiest Place on Earth dwindled after college. I moved to Aspen then Park City. I went when I could; usually when I brought a new beau home to Cali to meet the parents. I’d also introduce him to Disneyland and the Venice Beach.

I made Ryan ride It’s a Small World twice in 2009 because Sage was asleep on the first round. She woke up as we were strolling down Main Street toward the exit. I spun them around and went right back to the ride. She couldn’t miss It’s A Small World if I could help it.

People tease that I use Sage as my excuse to visit Walt’s Worlds. Hell, I don’t need an excuse. If you don’t like Disney there’s something wrong with you!

Last year, was our first time at Disney World. I was afraid that I might not like it as much since it didn’t hold the same history. Nope. It’s a pretty neat place. I became a huge Hollywood Studios fan. Love the Rock n Rollercoaster, the Tower of Terror and the ToyStory 3 game. I do prefer Disneyland over the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. The Florida one feels small and slapped together. Maybe it will be different in 2012 when the new Fantasyland opens.
Scheduled for the Magic Kingdom, the renovations will add a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster through the story of “Snow White,” a Princess Fairytale Hall for meeting Cinderella, Aurora, Tiana and Rapunzel, a Voyage of the Little Mermaid dark ride, a dueling Dumbo flying elephants ride, a “Beauty and the Beast” themed restaurant, and Gaston’s Tavern and Belle’s Cottage.

We leave this Saturday and my researching hormones are off the charts. I can’t help scanning blogs and Disney sites for every little insider tip. I already know about the FastPass, the singles line, the parent swap pass. I just found out you can collect transportation cards. These are free souvenir trading cards you can only get if you ask the boat, bus and monorail drivers. Eighteen in all.

I’ve booked us tables at the Brown Derby, the Whispering Canyon Café, The Akersus Dining Hall and the Crystal Palace. We’re on the ‘free’ dining plan that includes a table service meal a day. So much for losing weight this month.


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