#FrontSight Or Bust


Dead car battery, stuck behind a bus, gas tank on empty, forgotten packages. Yep. Roadtrip. I usually get out of town at least once a month but because I installed new carpet this summer, I stayed home to pay for it rather than spending more. I suppose my need to get out of town by now could equate to a guy who hadn’t had sex for three months and is finally going to get some. Nothing would stop me from getting on the road.

Jenn and I beelined to Pahrump, Nev., for Front Sight. She’s taking the defensive handgun course and I’m doing the ropes course. The giant, wooden skeletal structure had been on my radar since my first trip to Front Sight. And just like I (at first) wondered how you could shoot for four days in a row without getting bored, I now wonder how four days of tying knots and rappelling won’t bore me. We’ll see, I guess. Not only was I not bored in my handgun class but I took it again six months later.

Aside from the unrelenting spam that rockets daily from Front Sight, I absolutely love this training facility about an hour from Vegas. It’s got courses like rifle, shotgun, handgun, youth safety and self defense, bladed combat, open hand combat and the ropes course. You come out feeling like a rockstar no matter what you signed up for. I became an “Ambassador” after one of the instructors sold me a discounted membership because you get unlimited classes. This one was on my bucket list and I’m about to check it off.


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