How To Have The Best Ski Trip With Friends

Skiing With Friends


I once invited a guy I barely knew to take a ski trip to Canada with me. Big FREAKING mistake. You see, my boyfriend at the time bailed at the last minute and I had to punt. I didn’t want to go alone and I wanted Brad to know he wasn’t the only one in my life that could keep me company. So I asked Anthony; a guy who had been pursuing me and who seemed “nice enough”. Long story short- DO NOT EVER TRAVEL INTIMATELY WITH A STRANGER. Duh. Halfway through the trip, Anthony was sharing a hotel room with someone else and I wished he was dead. Plus, the snow sucked that year.

Traveling with family is tough enough but planning a ski trip (road or otherwise) with friends is even more risky. At least with family you are aware of the dynamics, buttons and personalities of the parties and have had practice dealing with them.

ski friends

You could go it alone and I usually prefer traveling that way. But while solo adventures can be amazingly satisfying, sharing your adventures with your tribe can be even better…sla you know them before you go if you want to have the best ski trip with friends.

Together you brainstorm activities, plan and share your explorations, and split expenses. But just you wait before diving into booking that condo and lift tickets for six. Without preplanning you might find yourself without a best friend or boyfriend by the end of the trip.

The close quarters of a 6-hour drive or six-night hotel room demands compromise. Are you good at politics? Is your friend? Does one person want to plan everything while everyone else follows sheepishly? Who gets the master? On a group ski trip to Japan, I shared a hotel room with a girl who spent every day trying to sell me on her MLM health supplements, telling me that they would make me feel better and bring me more income when, no, I just needed a moment of peace and my Cup o Noodles.

Here are some ski trip tips for those who don’t want to hate each other by the time you check out.

Who’s Going On Your Ski Trip

Will this be a girls’ trip, a guys’ trip, a couples trip, a multiple-family trip? Will everyone know each other? Not everyone will like each other but you can minimize some of the drama when you vet your future bunkmates. Who snores? Who hates Trump? Who has issues with altitude? Who doesn’t drink? Who’s on a tight budget? That kind of stuff should be considered when you’re hoping for the best ski trip ever.

The best ski trip for girls

Plan Ahead to Have The Best Ski Trip Possible

Before you book the room, rental car, restaurants, gear, or lift tickets have an open conversation. Are you splitting the booking responsibility but sharing in all expenses? Are you going to book everything individually including the hotel rooms and meet on the hill or for dinner? Will there be down days and are you all going snowmobiling or tubing? Who would rather spa than ski? Any vegans in the group? Beginners who should be taking ski lessons so they don’t get hurt trying to keep up with more aggressive skiers? Cooking in the condo or dining at expensive restaurants? Up all night in the hottub or early to bed/early to rise? When it comes to a ski vacation, leave no stone unturned.

Compromise when taking a Ski Trip with friends

It’s likely that one member of your group will rise as the leader, especially if they are familiar with the resort or the most experienced ski traveler in the bunch but still check in with each participant so they feel included and validated.

Make sure everyone gets something they want out of the trip. Maybe someone hopes to stroll Main Street or try that hip new restaurant they read about in Forbes. Maybe one friend can’t wait to go snow tubing or someone ALWAYS gets to the lifts before they open. Try to find ways to make everyone feel like their interests are considered even if there isn’t enough time to do everything.

Don’t be afraid to split up on your Ski Trip With Friends

Even if you think you’re totally in sync, we can’t all be soulmates. Make sure everyone knows it’s okay to do your own thing so there are no hurt feelings when the time comes to split up. Besides, you’ll still be together more than apart. Plus, getting personal space provides a chance to regroup before a fight breaks out or heads explode.

Set boundaries

If you must sleep in, let your party know that you won’t be bullied into rising at 7 a.m. When you don’t want to go out to a $100 dinner every night speak up. You would be surprised how quickly the knot in your stomach forms when you are coerced into doing something that goes against your grain. If you are clear about your expectations up front it’s hard to take it personally when you shut the door in their face. Even in close quarters try to give others privacy and space.

What are the Non Negotiables?

Make sure everyone creates their “must do” checklist. Compare and see what you can do together and what you’ll need to factor in for yourself. For example, if someone wants to learn to snowboard at Park City, three others want to ski Deer Valley and one wants to hang at the condo by the fire, you can split up without anyone feeling bored, guilty, or like they’re missing out because it was on the list.

Are you ready to start planning?

We’re here to help with any questions about visiting Park City so feel free to leave comments!


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