PCSKIGAL Does Vegas: CES 2012-Your POV


Not another iPhone or iPod case, I begged as I scanned Central Hall at the Consumer Electronics Show. Apple did things right when they made one device without straying. There are so many ‘other’ phones out there that it’s impossible for accessory manufacturers to keep up. But you make one iPhone case and it fits all iPhones. In addition to rugged cases and personalized skins, there are charging sleeves for Powermats and portable power storage (ie back up batteries) to get you longer life, and contraptions like the Miveu that turn your iPhone into a point of view camera.

Contour, Drift, Oregon Scientific, and more debuted new POV cameras. In fact there are almost as many cameras as cellphone cases. Personally, I get sick of watching all those glory vids. It’s great if you intersperse it with regular video footage but the only time I want to nothing but you point of view is –maybe- when you’re caught in an avalanche. The presenter for the new Magisto iPhone app said it perfectly. We all post boring videos. Magisto magically takes your silly footage, uses some weird algorithms and voile’, creates a more interesting cut of your filmography. I haven’t seen it work in real time but as soon as I have my next boring video look for it posted on Twitter @pcskigal

Companies are also pushing additional storage for iPhones and iPads in the form of detachable mini hard drives or cloud computing.

The CloudFTP creates an ad-hoc network where you can link your storage devices (flash drive, computer, phone) for sharing anywhere.

Cars –electric and otherwise- will soon become mobile hotspots so once you have that cloud setup you’ve got your own mobile office.

The 2013 Ford Escape no longer comes in a hybrid version but has this cool feature where you wave your leg under the back bumper to open the hatch when your hands are full. Think of the implications when you’re carrying all of your ski stuff as well as your kids’ gear. I’m a simple girl. Smart ideas like that get me excited.

Finally, I ran into the folks at Recon to hear what they’ve been up to. New deals with Smith, Uvex, Briko, Zeal and now Polar. Clip on a heartrate strap and see your real-time heartrate. The readout inside the lower right edge of the goggles features Bluetooth connectivity, GPS mapping, speed, altitude, temperature, jump analytics, vertical, distance, free fall detection, and more. The most usual feature is the GPS/Bluetooth connection. If your friend also has a Recon goggle you can see where they are.


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