I entered the Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center with one mission last year. To find a pen that would record my strokes so I could write in a hardback journal (blog) without having to be logged into a computer or without having to type it all in after. The only company that came close was Yifang.

The Asian group had purchased the technology from an Israeli company and got the ball rolling. There were other electronic pens at the Show but they were either wired to the computer, needed special paper, or worked with a touch screen. Nothing for regular paper, away from any computer. But even Yifang was limited- I told them so. Until now.

There they were! Pens that could write on any paper, anywhere. Granted you needed their clip and software but so long as the clip fits over your paper or book you can write and upload it later. Think about it. I could be at a tradeshow, taking notes on a pad and upload them when I got home. Beats carrying around my laptop, recorder or tablet. Not to mention if you have a tablet, you can use the pen as if you are writing on paper. No typing. Take notes old school. Bravo! 2012 CES opened with a bang in my book!


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