Orlando Day 2- We Made It Through Epcot


Ok, I really should be sleeping at this very moment. Everyone else is passed out. But I can’t let the thoughts pile up. I wouldn’t be able to sort them out later. What a day. We had at least three tantrums from Sage – and this is after she spent over an hour screaming like Linda Blair last night. She didn’t want to sleep and she made sure no one else could. SIGH. My dad has started calling her The Thing again.

It absolutely sucks to have a child who might lose it at any turn. You read all of those books that tell you to head off tantrums before they happen? What do you do when they’re always about to happen? We can’t just give her everything she wants. Tantrums happen whether she’s tired, rested, fed or hungry. She wants a present every day. She doesn’t deserve one. Last night she didn’t want to sleep. Not going to let her stay up. Today she wanted a princess dress. We told her last night that if she didn’t stop, she wouldn’t get a dress. She has to go a whole day without being a beeatch (we didn’t use those words). She didn’t last five minutes today before the monster came out. Stomping, shouting, making pouty faces, and crying were all part of the scene today. At least they didn’t last as long or as loud as last night. But it was enough to get us to tell her, no dress tomorrow. And then there’s another tantrum. Maybe tomorrow she can be a good girl and get her dress on Wednesday? Doubt it. The good news is then we don’t have to spend $60 on a Disney Princess dress. That’s the price in these parts.
We kept seeing all of these little girls glittered up, with a tiny tiara tucked in their bunned hair and wearing the latest in princess fashion. I asked one mom how much it cost and where did they go to get their kid all dolled up like that and she said Bibiddy Bobbity Boutique in Downtown Disney, $189!!! OMFG. Good thing Sage will never ‘earn’ that kind of present. Parents with boys are lucky. They have to buy hotwheels and video games. They don’t have to spend $200 on dress up clothes.
In case you couldn’t tell, we made it into Epcot. Not a single problem with the tickets. The place was relatively uncrowded and we were able to do just about everything we wanted to – Soarin’, Innovations, Sum of All Thrills, Turtle Talk, Test Track, walked twice around the World, drank beer in Germany, ate potstickers in China and watched Illuminations. The parks close at 9 p.m. until Thanksgiving but we still didn’t get home until 11 p.m.
I”m really going to bed now. I need my energy to deal with Sage. We’re doing Universal Islands of Adventure tomorrow. My rents are big Harry Potter fans. One last mention- Sage went right to bed tonight without fuss. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?
She looks like a princess but can she act like one??


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