37 weeks….three more to go!!


Whoa! Where does the time go? All of a sudden, my doctor (Stef Singer) is telling me I’m 60 percent effaced and ready to pop. I still haven’t swollen up or gotten any of the usual pregnant chick symptoms. Just lots of peeing. I find that the occasional Ambien (as prescribed!) will get me a good night’s sleep without running to the toilet at 4 a.m. I highly recommend keeping a small stash on hand if you are thinking of getting knocked up. When I get to that point where I am sooo tired I’m beyond able to fall asleep, out comes my little blue friend.

But I’m told that no matter how icky I feel now, once I give birth I will wish I could put her back inside.
My mom predicts the Big Day to occur between Aug. 15 – 20 (instead of the Aug.22 due date). If only Sage can forestall her entry into this world until after the Outdoor Retailer Show next week. I have people to see and places to go! Tis not the time for hospital visits.

It’s getting progressively more unbearable to work. All I want to do is lie down and take the pressure off my belly. It doesn’t help to have 100-degree heat for the past two weeks. Thankfully, we have rain and 70 degrees this week.

Hats off to you women out there who put on 30 to 60 pounds during a pregnancy. I’ve gained 19 and feel like a Thanksgiving Turkey 24-7. Only during the first few moments of waking in the morning do I forget I’m pregnant. I wake up, lie still and it’s as if it were all a dream…until I swing my feet over the mattress edge and scamper for the toilet. Another tip: when you urinate, lift your belly up to make sure you totally empty your bladder. I liken it to that extra shake guys do just as they’re finishing up.

Sage doesn’t move much and when she does it’s only a soft rolling feel, she’s adjusting her position? There’s just no room for her in there. She gets the hiccups a ton and that can be annoying but just like when you get them, as soon as you ignore them, they go away. They feel like someone flicking your belly from the inside with an index finger – a rhythmic thumping. She had them tonight during the movie. I went to a screening of The Descent – a horror film about a group of girls who go caving and find themselves stuck in a cavern with these subhuman naked dudes that feast on them one by one. The tension from their trapped situation alone was enough to get my heartrate up. What a ride. I screamed my head off. I’m sure that’s not something most babies hear in utero. If you’ve ever wondered whether horror films can bring on labor, I’ll let you know.

Ryan is home this week visting his family and has asked me to wait until he gets back to have my baby. Uh, sure, Babe. My mother and father were here last week and then Ryan’s mom will be in town as soon as the baby’s born. Nothing like a pregnancy to get everyone involved I guess. But I welcome the attention. I’m completely at a loss and expect to feel overwhelmed shortly. All I know about babies is from what I’ve read recently. I never had to raise any kids; and babysitting was just a way to make some extra bucks on weeknights when I was 13.

My mom has surprised me. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but she has gone from pretending I’m not pregnant and telling me “this is your thing, you’ll have to do it alone”, to flying out here, taking me shopping for baby stuff and going to the doctor with me. I tried so hard not to let her aloofness bother me that I had no idea how much I really needed and wanted her love and support through this experience. It was incredible having them here. They got to see my growing belly in the flesh and not just here on my blog. Better late than never!

I think the house is just about in order. Tenaya’s been groomed, the baby clothes washed and organized, an overnight bag packed for the hospital, my friend Deb (the coolest B&B owner in Park City- Old Town Guest House) on standby for the ride to St. Mark’s Hospital and soon I’ll set up the bassinet in my room. Thank you again for your gifts and hand-me-downs. I couldn’t have stocked up like this on my own. No way. So a zillion hugs, kisses and good karma to you.

I have another doctor’s appt. on Wednesday. Check back this weekend as I’ll let you know what Stef says.


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