Mo’ Snow


I write again in time to tell you that the now stable avi conditions are about to pull a 180. My weather source, let’s call him Deep Snow, swears we may not see a sunny day until Jan. 10! The storms roll in tonight. You know those rains that are flooding L.A.? Well, we ‘re waiting…..

I’m into day five of Deer Valley teaching. WE NEED NEW SNOW!!!! the over-groomed groomers are close to shoing blue ice by 4 p.m. and all of DV’s snowblowing efforts go to hell by midday after thousands of skidders push the manmade off to the sides. Stick to off-piste when it gets raw like this. I have my fingers crossed that I can stop complaining by tomorrow night. Did I mention that the morning cordouroy is saweet till 10 a.m.?

Hope Santa brought you loads of fun toys you can play with this winter. I got a chiller pair of moon boots from DC shoes called the Chalet, a new alarm clock cause I can’t wake up for work- ever, and new, rad Obermeyer ski clothes. oh and I also got a job DJing part-time for The Blaze. Tune in on the weekends the next time you’re in Salt Lake : 94.9 FM. I’m Nikki Vann!


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