Ryan’s Moving In!


Ok, so it’s only temporary. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Ryan’s been looking for a place to buy in Salt Lake and in the meantime has run his current apartment into a hellhole. I won’t ever spend the night there (ick). Not to mention he can’t remember the last time he changed his sheets. He actually threw away all of his dishes because after spending months as a science experiment in his sink they were easier to toss than clean.
He’s at my place (in Park City) all the time anyway, I convince myself. What would really be different? Not to mention the Red Sox playoffs have begun so he’ll be up here for sure. But it was always comforting to know that I could send him home to his place and it wouldn’t mean anything more than he was spending the night at his place. Now, if he sleeps somewhere else it’s a big deal.

We had talked about living together but the discussion ends with me saying, “If you want this relationship to last, never move in.” It’s me not him. I’m a pain inthe ass to live with. I like my space, I need to control my space, and I suck as a sharer. I know my limitations. Fortunately, so does Ryan. He enjoys pushing my buttons but he also knows when he’s gone too far and how to make amends. Chinese Food and a big hug.
We’ve lasted this long because of him, not me. He’s terrific and easy going even when I’m a raging bitch. I so love that guy! But we could always take a breather in separate corners.
Then I go and f*^% it all up by suggesting he move in until he finds a place to buy sla he pays for twice a month housecleaning. I don’t ask for much- I guess – because he took the move-out letter to his landlord today. Starting Nov. 1, we will officially be living together.
Yikes! Am I making the biggest mistake of my life? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the status quo and I could tell that Ryan is scared to death as well; even when he happily cuddled with Sage and announced that he would now see her every day- (like he doesn’t already!)
It’s temporary, I repeat. We did this once before but Sage wasn’t in the picture and Ryan didn’t have a driver’s license. He was stuck at my place, driving me mad instead of driving. I couldn’t wait for him to get out and move down to Salt Lake City.
This time is supposedly just until he buys a place, but we both know that if we’re doing well together he may buy the place and stick renters in, instead of himself. Plus, Sage would sure miss her him once she got used to having him around.
Some may wonder what I’m afraid of. Those are the ones who have never lived with a boyfriend. A boyfriend whose only reference to living with a woman is living with his mother. Ryan slipped up tonight and said, “Maybe now that I’m here, we’ll cook more.” I corrected him that “we’ll” means “me” and “No, I do not plan to cook more.” Nor do I intend to do his laundry or his cleaning. Hence, the cleaning lady that he will be paying for. That’s the selling point for sure. Up till now, our biggest battles have been over the fact that he has lived here four nights a week for more than five years and hasn’t once cleaned a toilet or sink or floor. Pros and cons:
I can hit the gym every afternoon if I want because he’ll be here right after work instead of his place and can watch Sage.
twice a month house cleaning
saving money on both sides. He pays no rent and I get help with bills
Someone to cuddle with at night and watch Heroes with
twice a month house cleaning
I can play with the girls on baseball nights while he watches Tv and Sage
More Mess
Having to move my stuff around to make room for his stuff
Nowhere to run
Toilet seat up and guy gas
Don’t get the bed all to myself
Well, I better get back to work. Just needed to flush out my thoughts. I feel better now; actually a bit excited at the new challenge ahead. I’ll keep you posted.
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