Time For Time

If I can only get one thing done today, it will be to post a new blog.
Sounds like a mantra? I’m starting to search out there for a cure for what I have. I work and work – or at least I think I do- sitting at my computer 10 hours a day, every day (ok maybe it’s 5 sometimes), yet none of my projects wrap. And then more roll it. When I finally chip off one, two more appear; like something from the SCiFi Network. I’m told I must have ADHD and Sage’s pediatrician can help with that if I pass all of those determination tests. Turns out, I don’t have time to take them or I forget and another week passes! Ironic. I can’t get help for distraction because I get distracted. LOL.
Monday, the start of what feels like my spring. No snow in my backyard and the wild green grasses bud where the construction dirt from last year hasn’t crushed them.
Sage’s second winter of her life closes although we may still get in one or two sessions at the Bird before they close on Memorial. She skis now! Can’t make the ‘pie’ to stop but that’s what Mommy is there for. The kid’s got balance and absolutely no sense of danger on sticks. She hasn’t had any big crashes and when she touches snow she just raises her palms up for me to dry them off (she doesn’t like wearing her gloves when the sun’s out).
Sage Update-
Sage is a regular Chatty Kathy. She sings and cheers along to Dora (yes, I know). At 2.5, she’s imitating the things we say and do. This weekend she insisted on sitting in the driver’s seat (my car was parked), she clicked into the seatbelt, put one hand on the wheel and searched for ‘her phone’ with the other. “Where’s my phone,” she asked. “I need my phone.” FYI- handsfrees aren’t mandatory in Utah yet. She loves being outside, sliding and climbing. Here are some recent pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/mtnmedia/20090422?authkey=Gv1sRgCLjOouXCtK6Sdg&feat=directlink
She’ll eat anything if she’s in the mood and though we never force her to finish, she has quite the appetite. Sage loves to entertain. I actually think she gets a kick out of hearing all of the oohs and ahhs when she runs up and gives someone a hug.
Ryan update:
Living together has been working out. Our schedules are radically different so that I wind up waking solo, the bed to myself. He leaves at 5:30 a.m. Ugh. Except that I stay up so late that I’m dead to the world when his alarm goes off at 5 a.m.
He still has his job at Fidelity as other heads roll past his cubicle, he plays in a hockey league twice a week, and does his best to pick up after himself and stay clear when I’m out of sorts. Easy going guys rule.
Jill update:
I’m into week four of my 8-week acting class and getting back into the swing of things. Every winter, acting takes a back seat to skiing, but now that I have time, I can play a bit. I even went to the climbing gym on Saturday. I’m still hunting for that balance between being a mom, working and taking care of myself. The latter suffers. I want to exercise more and find time for friends but instead I Facebook and blog. Sigh. Fortunately, I take frequent trips that fulfill the hole for fun and play. We’re heading to Cali to see my folks the week of Memorial Day. Disneyland, SeaWorld, LegoLand and long lost roommates from college are on the agenda.
As for work, I’ve taken on the gig of Associate Editor for MountainGetaway.com and must file weekly reports on hot deals in the Mountain West. This is great because I now make the regular money I thought I’d be losing from Sports Guide.
I also have a giant assignment due next week for National Ski Patrol Magazine and am waiting to here back on two assignments for Sunset Magazine.
Ok, that’s life in a nutshell. More to come when I feel inspired! Hope you are all happy, well and shedding those winter shells.


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