I’ve finally returned. Writing in a blog is like writing in a journal. Once you skip a few days, the thought of catching up becomes daunting- so much to tell and so little energy. But then you wait a whole long-ass time and all of sudden you can encapsulate and it’s not so bad anymore. I’m currently waiting for it to snow in Utah while sharing Thanksgiving dinner with the folks in Carlsbad, Calif. It was gloriously sunny and warm today – both in Park City and San Diego- unfortunately. This is one of the driest holidays I’ve seen in a decade.

Weatherbug forecasts snow starting Saturday and it’s about time. Other than bumming out about skiing a foot of manmade snow on one run at the handful of open ski resorts, life is good. Ryan will move out of my place and down to Salt Lake next week to take a job with Fidelity. Since he can’t drive, he needs to be close to TRAX. I’ll miss the boy but because he took the nightshift, I now have a regular Snowbird ski buddy this winter (as opposed to last, when he worked at Wells Fargo all day). I am in the process of finishing my kitchen remodel and looking for people to rent my spare room so I can start paying off the tab on that one. Oh, and I spent last week in the Dominican Republic. What a cool place to sit out the pre-season ski blues- we surfed, kiteboarded, road horses and did this hairy, challenging sport they call cascading- kind of like canyoneering but not- we actually hike UP waterfalls in helmets and life jackets then ride down them or cliff jump into the deep pools below. We did 12 waterfalls and the average leap was 20 feet. Wahoo!

Well, I’ll be home Saturday and can update you on the storms and whether it’s worth booking a trip out to Utah. You can also tune in to www.onthesnow.com and look at my Destination Resorts reports. BTW, if you hear of anyone looking for a ski instructor, have them contact me! My Christmas schedule is filling up fast but we can work something out.


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