Alta Pass Deals End Tomorrow!


Only two more days to cash in on the hottest pass deal in Utah. Altas Silver and Powder cards sale ends September 30. With the revolutionary changes to Altas renown holdout on modernization, youll want to ski there this season. Theyve yanked out the old Collins and Germania lifts and installed a 6,300 foot detachable quad lift that goes from Wildcat base to the current Germania bottom, then banks 30 degrees to the left and continues on to the current Germania top.

Now you can go from bottom to top in nine minutes. Thats the same amount it time it took to ride just the old Germania lift. Plus, the Lower Wildcat base area parking lot has been raised. No more hill to climb to get started! When you think about it, the cards would make an excellent gift for a Utah friend. Log onto for more information.

Alta Powder Card- 10 days for $370. Can be reloaded during the operatingseason at the same rate. Unused Powder Card values can be applied towardspurchase of season pass or preseason discount ticket products next seasononly. Open to all Utah residents, purchase before Sept. 30, 2004.

*NEW*Alta Silver Card- $99 gets you $20 off an adult all area day pass each time you present your card throughout the season. Plus, the card is TRANSFERABLE. Open to all Utah residents, purchase before Sept. 30, 2004. (801) 359-1078.


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