Sundance Day Two; Swagdance


It’s insane in Park City this weekend. Spend anytime near the Town Lift (aka Village at the Lift) and you feel like you’re smack in the middle of Times Square. I can’t walk Main Street without pressing my nose to someone’s black coat back. The T-Mobile Café spills over with puffy jackets, dark glass and beanies. Hugs and double-cheeked kissing are as common as ordering a latte here.

There’s no room for the bags we’re all sporting. Shopping bags spilling with boutiquey items gifted at the various lounges and houses that make Sundance, Swagdance. It began with the Premiere Lounge’s Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat. I hiked the stairs of the Riverhorse to find it much more cramped as a gifting suite than a restaurant. Intermix is here. The luxury boutique in NY, L.A. Boston, The Hamptons, etc. had their table in the back of the room with a rack featuring couture lines Aulo trouser jeans and Chan Luu sweaters. They handed me their “Black Book” – a travel guide for fun, hip spots in the cities where they have stores. I was quick to swoop down on the BaByliss Pro travel blowdryer by Conair. I’m sure this little “baby” has come in handy for many a VIP at Sundance. In the main room there were new and improved Rembrandt Whitening strips – all that coffee-drinking this week takes it toll, Bean Pod soy candles, Livs crochet boots (!), Sweet Leaf sweetener, and a Utah company called Tahitian Noni that makes a line of natural skincare products and now natural teas. No celebs walked in while I was there but it was early. Soon I would be proceeded by Teri Hatcher..AT EVERY SITE. That’s one over-exposed lady. I was excited to learn that she’s human. She gets regular Restylane injections. The line-filler company had a table at The Marquee to educate us on injectables to keep us more youthful. Though Hatcher pretended to shun the company, an inside source told me she’s one of their favorite customers. It takes more than good genes to look younger than your years! What I don’t get is why she wouldn’t want to admit she’s not perfect? It would be stellar promotion for the company, and the rest of the world wouldn’t feel inadequate at 45.

The Marquee, a slick take on the Marquee Club in New York, hosted AG Jeans (cords are still in style), La Coste’s new women’s line of sexy polos and henleys, Polaroid (gifting their little i630, 6mp digi in the hopes that celebs will bust them out throughout Sundance) , and Lia Sophia jewelry. The line is sold similar to Mary Kay and doing quite well; probably because the bold designs are so original. The best part of that lounge (besides getting a gift certificate for a free Restylane treatment!) was getting a skin consulation from Dermalogica (and products). Who knew there was a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?? Apparently, if your skin has fine lines and the texture of tissue paper, you’re dehydrated.

Fred Segal Salon at VAL was my next stop. The place has the ambiance of a fine boutique rather than a trade show. I picked up silky panties from Le Mystere, black Habitual jeans, Alora fragrance diffusers, more skincare from DermaNew (a personal microdermabrasion kit) and haircare products from Kerastase and L’Oreal (they have a new lightweight professional hairspray called Infinium). Teri Hatcher whizzed in and grabbed a boxful of T-shirts from Little Miss. The line of super cute cartoon smiley faces are about to take off. Teri and Tara Reid liked the Little Miss Naughty, Chatterbox and Shy. Making their Sundance debut, boots from Earth Shoe (the company with the negative heel technology. The heel’s lower than the rest of the sole.). I especially like the ankle-height, winter Igloo boots with suede and faux fur even though the stars were grabbing the knee-high boots.

As I bounced from the various houses a trend was emerging. Instead of the “big players” plastering their logos and brand all over Sundance, the event has become a place for small upscale companies to target a particular clientele – one with bucks, power, and taste. Each had a smattering of companies trying to get their names known- kind of like the actors, writers and directors attending Sundance. We’ll visit more hotspots when I return.


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