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Hello Jill, I’m Chris-

Later this week, I’m going to be paying my first visit to Park City, luckily and coincidentally it’s during the final weekend of Sundance.

I was browsing around finding out more about the activities and film festival so I could take advantage and experience it. I stumbled upon a blog site where a posting had been submitted by you. I found it interesting and informative, but at the same time a little disheartening. It seems to me that an everyday average guy…me being from St. Louis, and a divorced 30something, that there’s not a whole lot of involvement for people like me. Since I won’t be walking around with VIP stamped on my hand, or have a tie-in to the movie industry, is it more going to be me getting shunned out of restaurants and away from anything fun? I know that sounds kind of negative, but from what I’ve read, that seems to be the case in a lot of ways. So, I turn to you for some advice…how can a couple of average Joe’s from St. Louis go out and have a grand time in Park City, and take in the whole experience of Sundance. Oh, for the record, while I think it’d be cool to run into a celeb walking past me on the streets, chasing the stars around is not my idea of fun..haha.

THANKS! (I did enjoy your blog post by the way)


St. Louis, MO

Hi Chris- I wish I had better news for you but unless you are a ragingly hot chick, your chances for the hookup are quite slim. The women at the Fest are primarily interested in celebs and filmmakers- those who can open doors to the private parties and beyond. That said, there are a few places where Sundance meets Park City-
For dining:
Prime Steakhouse (tell Brian Morgan, Jill Adler sent you), Blind Dog (you might have to bride the concierge), Wahso, and Shabu.
For people watching, these Sundance venues allow the general public “space permitting”: The Leaf Lounge (winetasting and schmoozing), 751 Main Street, 3-9 pm.; Entertainment Weekly Café, VWHQ, HP Snapshot Chalet, Stella Artois Patio, Aquafina Alive all at the Kimball Art Center; AOL Cyber Lodge, 614 Main St., Delta Sky Lodge, 449 Main, KRUPS at the Rabbit Hole, 333 Main St..

The hot thing this weekend is to score a ticket/invite/name on the list to the Zone Bar – a four-night acoustic showcase hosted by multi-Grammy Award winner Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Joss Stone, Bird York and legendary guitarist Stanley Jordan, Joan Osborne, Jonny Lang, Keb Mo’, Sean Lennon, Lindsey Buckingham, Shelby Lynne, Shawn Colvin, Daniel Powter and Marc Broussard, and surprise performances from special guests are part of the evenings from Thursday to Sunday, 6-9 pm.
If you do miss it, the concerts will air in high-definition as a one-hour primetime special on the WE cable network later this spring.

Ride the buses!!! For one thing, it’s free and saves stress from the parking nightmare that has become Park City. For another, you can eavesdrop and find out about what’s going on around town. You never know. Someone might just invite you guys to join them.


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