Our First Roadtrip!


Sage is seven weeks old. Boy, time flies when you’re changing diapers and nursing. Everyone has asked me that universal question: How are you doing? I’m fine …and probably better than most new moms from what those who have seen me say.
I don’t feel quite rested 24/7 but I do get some sleep and although my tummy is too soft for my liking, I don’t feel fat.
Knowing that I was never a kid person and lived quite the selfish life, you’ll be pleased to know that I still get around, still go to movies and out to dinner, still have tons of fun and Sage is a dream child 80 percent of the time. Yes, there is the occasional hour or night when she’s a female Damian but for the most part I couldn’t be luckier or happier. She sleeps long enough for me to get 30 minutes in on my stairstepper, to do laundry, eat breakfast, respond to email and complete a 12-hour roadtrip to Yosemite. We got back last night from the national park and the poor thing didn’t scream once from being strapped to a carseat for what seemed like an eternity. She wailed only when she wanted my boob and we would either feed her the bottle or make a ‘nurse’ stop.
I’m starting to exercise again. I was such a slacker the last few months. We climbed two days in Yosemite and I have a Stroller Strides class in Salt Lake City tomorrow morning. All I can say is that motherhood isn’t as bad as everyone has made it out to be. It hasn’t changed my life so completely yet that I have any regrets or feel like I’ve “lost myself.” I tell people that having a child is like having 12 puppies. You’re busier than you ever wanted to be but she is so adorable it makes up for any inconvenience. And all I want to do is hold her so I guess it’s my own fault I’m getting nothing else done these days.

Sage’s first campfire

For more photos click :http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/pcskigal/album?.dir=/fc4bscd&.src=ph&.tok=phGFimFBigIPPt7k


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