Wow. Quiet. Of course it is 1:30 in the morning. It better be quiet. It’s just that I’m actually appreciating the peace. Until tonight I’ve been up working so late that I don’t notice. Tonight I can. One day to breathe. I’ve met all of my latest deadlines and the next is Monday. Tomorrow can be a play day. Unfortunately, Ryan’s not much help when it comes to freedom. Sometimes I’m jealous of divorced couples. Not that I want to be single but the thought of having 2-3 FULL days just to myself even if it’s every other week – no sharing a bed, no smelling farts, no changing diapers or filling sippy cups. Ah Heaven. Last week, when my acting coach bailed on our session, I took myself to see Twilight instead of going straight home. At first Ryan was peeved and called it lame that I would do this without him- see a movie. But I convinced him he would hate sitting through a chick vampire flick. I was right, btw. I personally found the movie intriguing and silly. The dialogue, acting, and cinematography was weak. The only thing saving the film was the dude who played Edward. The actor is fascinating.
Back to Ryan. By the time I got home – two hours later- he was cool. And he should be. He spends 2-3 hours twice a week playing hockey. I run errands and squeeze in the occasional climb at Rockreation but nothing that regular and rarely at night. Today I announced that I would be taking Wed night. and either Thursday or Monday. But what about us? he asked. We would still sleep together every night (which we didn’t before he moved in) and we would have Friday and Saturday nights to hang. Perfect deal! Now if I can get us both to stick to that.
I find myself glued to my computer, forgetting to even leave the house. That’s not cool for balance or my psyche. Starting in a couple of weeks, however, I can ski 3-4x a weeks because Sage starts up with her daycare again. That will make Jill a happy camper. I don’t know how people with 2+ kids function. Sage is adorable and sweet but she’s also going a mile a minute, always wanting something from me unless I put my foot down and tell her she must “let momma work” and go play by yourself for while. She does – but then it’s time for a diaper, for a nap, for dinner, etc. I love watching Ryan freak out when I put him in charge for just a couple of hours. He always steps back with a giant appreciation for what I do every day.
Things are going better with Ryan and his ass. He’s lighting more matches and taking it to another room. He’s still farting in his sleep though. Kristen says her man Kirk has trained himself not to and should talk with Ryan. He also takes some kind of remedy but I’m not sure what. I need to get those two together. Ryan begged me not to wake him tonight, even if he farts. I refuse to lie quietly while I choke. He has to work tomorrow despite the holiday. Why can’t Wall Street close? It’s not like there’s going to be heavy trading. Everyone’s still in a tryptophan coma, no? Or at least in vacation mode. I don’t mind. I get to sleep in and wake up to the bed all to myself. Then Sage and I will get pedis at the Cole Sport Roxy party at noon. I’m meeting Ryan back at the house around 3 to pick up my Hyundai which- after more than a month- is finally fixed. $1800 later, it drives. New transfer case and differential. Ouch.
Anyone want to buy a 2001 Santa Fe cheap? I should just junk it. It began as a bad memory. I bought that car a week after Greg broke up with me and a week before he packed up and moved back east without so much as a goodbye note to prove (to whom?) that I was starting a new life. As much as I am over that guy, he stills leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That’s the lowest, most disrepectful, most hurtful thing any guy has ever done to me in all of my years dating. I was a wreck for two months straight (even spent $100 on a phone psychic- that’s how destroyed I was), rebounded with a bipolar alcoholic for six months and then practically hopped in the sack with a new guy every month for a year after that. Until Ryan.
I should have bought a new car then. Thrown off all of the dead weight. But now, after seven years, it’s going. Yay! Look for it parked in a lot at Kimball with a For Sale sign on it. If you live anywhere in snow, it’s a great ride. Just has a lot of miles on it- 154k! I was going places, Man. My new car won’t get nearly that kind of action. I’ve learned to find life closer to home. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful dinner (stay away from Good Thymes; ours sucked) and a blast with friends and family.

We took this outside the restaurant today before heading in to see BOLT. This was the very first time Sage made it through an entire movie without getting fussy. Normalcy is within my reach. BTW, I love kid flicks.


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