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Sundance Questions

Hello Jill, I’m Chris- Later this week, I’m going to be paying my first visit to Park City, luckily and coincidentally it’s during the final weekend of Sundance. I was browsing around finding out more about the activities and film festival so I could take advantage and experience it. I stumbled upon a blog site where a posting had been […]

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Sundance Day Two; Swagdance

It’s insane in Park City this weekend. Spend anytime near the Town Lift (aka Village at the Lift) and you feel like you’re smack in the middle of Times Square. I can’t walk Main Street without pressing my nose to someone’s black coat back. The T-Mobile Café spills over with puffy jackets, dark glass and beanies. Hugs and double-cheeked kissing […]

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Sundance Day- The Groundlings

Sundance is off and running. The streets of Park City, Utah, are a nightmare to navigate, parking non-existent, theater lines inconvenient, and ticket prices ridiculous (if not sold-out). This is a festival by and for independent filmmakers – actors, writers, directors, all hoping to land a big project based on what they show of themselves at this event. The only […]

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Sundance Arrives!!

Sundance Day 2I woke at 7:30 a.m.. That’s three hours of sleep. The zzzs’ll have to to come in February. It’s because of skiing. I have friends in town that wanted to make turns at The Canyons and they could care less about the Sundance Film Festival. So I had to go, because this was my only chance to catch […]

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