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The Path of Giants

When you hit the northernmost part of California your drive becomes all about the redwood trees – nature’s true giants. They can be taller than the Statue of Liberty and larger around than a Greyhound bus. I guess outside of the random dinosaur, they are the largest living thing on earth. So we skipped Oceanworld in order to get to […]

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An American in Disneyland Paris

  I was apprehensive at first. As much as I love Disney, I had read that Disney Paris – with separate owners and operations (Euro Disney S.C.A. is a publicly traded company. The Walt Disney Company has only a minority stake in the business) -was more of a cheap imitation of the real thing than an addition. Built in the beet fields […]

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Paris By Way of the Seine

We were Parisians today; languishing in the morning bustle of the hotel pre-checkout with a buffet breakfast of omelettes, croissants and café. When we did check out we headed straight for the Metro and over to the Tuileries for a stroll. It struck me as odd that there were people seated around the central fountain just staring in; watching ducks […]

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Paris Arrival; What Time Is It?


It’s a good thing a picture’s worth a thousand words because I can barely type tonight. My computer says 3:45 p.m. but it’s more like 1 a.m. in Paris, France. We left Salt Lake at 5 p.m. on May 5 for a 10-hour, uneventful, direct flight to Paris. No one smelled bad, the food was decent, I had one cocktail […]

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